What is a Digital Garden?

It is a blogging style and a content structure in one phrase. You write small pieces of content and don't care what other people think of them. Those small pieces can be chained together to expose a bigger story. Or not, you decide.

I started to write content around 2007 and wrote articles for gaming websites and for my professional blog for years. Every piece had an intro, a reasoning and a conclusion to keep the expectations of good value content. So when I had the opportunity to reboot my blog, I asked the question from myself: Do I really wanna write this way?

I've run into this idea of Digital Gardens and then I remembered that writing on the internet used to be so much fun. So fuck pagination, date-ordered and interlinked content! This is my garden and I intend to plant my thoughts here so I can grow and have fun in the process.

"A Digital Garden is lowercase b blogging." Chris Biscardi - What is a Digital Garden?
"Chronologically sorted pages of posts aren't how people actually use the internet." Joel Hooks - My blog is a digital garden, not a blog
"To me, a digital garden is a digital space full of interconnected ideas and information that you collect, curate, tend to, and learn from over time." Josh Branchaud - The Digital Garden
"This is my Digital Garden, the place where I grow all the things I’m interested in, I talk about what I’m interested in, and where I grow myself." Flavio Copes - This is my little Digital Garden